As well as our standard product range we offer  Custom Development services, where we can develop a wide range of custom products in a variety of dimensions to suit.


Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to  offer an extensive range of non-standard tubing.

The unique manufacturing methods we use allow us to manufacture with specific characteristics to suit your requirements. Eg. making our tubing soft (floppy), stiff (stayput) or midflex (Standard) in flexibility.

In the Griplock, interlock and square lock constructions above 3”, we have the ability to infinitely vary the diameter due to a mandrel-less manufacturing system, giving you ultimate control.

A wide range of materials are also offered e.g. stainless steel type 316, Brass, Copper, aluminium etc.

We can, if required make conical shaped hose to enable you to save costs on expensive fittings when joining two different sized ends or components. Over braiding is also available.


Our design and development services enable us to supply bespoke assemblies in strip wound, Annular (convoluted) and braided flexible hoses to suit your requirements.

Our sales team have the time and expertise to help you decide on the correct solution for your application.

Typical assemblies we assist our customers to design range from engine test Rigs to fire hoses for oil and petrochemical industries. Other applications include:

  • Bulk grain transfer hoses
  • Hot air ducting
  • Exhaust applications
  • Protective outer tube
  • Expansion joints
  • HVAC
  • Gaseous Liquid Transfer
  • Oil Transfer

A comprehensive range of end fittings are available including: Camlocks, Unicones, Triclover Fittings, ANSI & BS Flanges, Storz, Guillium and BSP Fittings.

Please complete our Custom Development form below to give us more information about your project.