Food Industry

Our flexible tubing is suitable for countless applications in the food industry ranging from flexible stainless steel drinks hose lines to large conveyance hoses for the transportation of grain from trucks to shipping containers.
We understand the importance of great performance and hygiene in the food industry combined with the very best quality. The flexible tubing products we manufacture come with the assurance that they are produced from the finest quality materials by our fully qualified staff.

Both our flexible metallic tubing and polymer hoses for the food industry are offered in food grade materials that meet with the demanding food quality standards that exist today.

Please contact our technical sales team if you have any uncertainties about our ability to supply products to meet your requirements. We offer a bespoke design service for non standard products.


Examples of specific market applications:

• Stainless Steel Transfer Hose for Food & Drink
• Specialist Instrument Cabling In Food Processing Plants
• Food Quality Polymer Hose for Water