Pre Wired Conduit Systems

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Our Pre-wired Conduit Systems are used for cable management. They are typically used to distribute power, lighting, data and communications in buildings with concrete floors, steel framed cavity floors and suspended ceilings.

The savings that can be derived from the use our pre wired conduit allow electrical contractors to be far more competitive when tendering for jobs.

What are the advantages of Pre Wired Conduit Systems?

The use of a pre-wired flexible conduit in concrete floors, steel framed cavity doors and suspended ceilings the concrete on each door of a building has many advantages.

  • A substantial amount of time saved
  • It results in great cost savings
  • Enables contractors to be more competitive
  • Peace of mind through our quality assured products and services.

Historically, electrical contractors would have used a galvanised steel conduit in the concrete pour, suspended oors and ceilings. The sub circuit cabling would then have to be drawn through.

Although normal practice, it was very time consuming. Pre-wired conduit systems make this process much quicker and more efficient.

Pre-wired conduit options

Home Runs

Large construction projects requiring electrical wiring to be installed use a number of home runs which are used to feed ‘Zones’ with the necessary light, power, data and communication wiring. Home Runs are typically 28 Core made up of standard 2.5mm & 4mm Zero Halogen Cables and when required may also contain Belden (audio visual) Cables. The home run is used to distribute the necessary cabling throughout the zone using a series of Tap Offs, Links and Drop Downs.

Tap offs, Links & Drop Downs

The standard sizes for these connecting pre-wired conduit connections are:

  • 16mm (Our Ref. DNP16)
  • 20mm (Our Ref. DNP20)
  • 25mm (Our Ref. DNP.25)

These typically contain a selection of Standard Colour in 2.5mm Dia & 4mm Dia Zero Halogen cables and where required an Audio Visual Cable (Belden).

Bespoke design and manufacture

All our Home Runs, Tap Offs, Links & Drop Downs are made to order to allow customers to specify:

  • Diameter of the pre wired flexible tubing
  • Length of the pre wired flexible tubing
  • Length of tails (whip ends) if required
  • Type of cabling / wiring required (size, colour, specifications & quantity)
  • Fittings & end terminations

Modular wiring is in essence a wiring systems designed for fast, effective installation which is often referred to as a ‘Plug & Play’ system. These systems are extremely versatile as they allow changes to room and building layouts without disruption to the electrical installation. Speak with our Technical Sales Team who are very experienced in the design and manufacture of bespoke solutions to overcome any problems with installation that might arise during a project.


  • Bespoke systems designed for the requirements of individual projects
  • The development of innovative modular solutions using industry standard components
  • Modular electrical systems are flexible enough to interface with traditional system installations
  • These systems reduce manual handling and therefore significantly reduce the risks associated with working at height during installation.
  • Reliance on electrical skills on site is reduced
  • Quality control in the manufacture of these systems improves commissioning time with less defects and snagging
  • Eliminates on site cutting and reduces waste
  • Product delivery can be scheduled on a floor by floor basis which reduces on site storage with ‘just in time’ delivery

Build your pre-wired assembly by clicking here