Whitehouse Flexible Tubing

Fan Coil Hoses

Our range of Convoluted Stainless Steel hose assemblies for building service applications meet the BSRIA BG4-2004 Flexible Hose standard and are manufactured with a single wire braid over a convoluted stainless steel core with either mild/carbon or stainless steel fittings secured by stainless weld collars.
For applications with lower working pressures un-braided hose is available along with a double braided version for higher working pressure applications. This range is available for installations that require a longer life expectancy or the operating parameters of the system exceed that of the standard rubber hoses.
Assemblies are manufactured in lengths to meet the requirements of individual projects with loose hose and fittings held in stock to meet these needs along with a selection of off the shelf standard hose assemblies.

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