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Gas Hoses

Convoluted stainless steel gas hoses are a frequently used solution for connection of gas appliances in many industrial and commercial applications.

These gas hoses are certified to the latest ISO10380:2003 standard with typical uses including Industrial gas systems, Caravan Gas connectors, Gas meter connectors and spools, Annealed connectors, Gas Radiant heaters and BS669 Part 2 : 1997 catering hoses. For BS6173 : 2009 Installations our Caterquip Catering Hoses are recommended as they meet these requirements. Whitehouse Caterquip hoses are fully welded corrugated stainless steel catering gas hose assemblies manufactured to a high specification in order to meet the legal requirements of gas supply in catering appliances using first, second and third family gases.

In addition to this, our metal hoses assemblies are suitable for a variety of applications involving extreme working parameters, temperatures of between -269°C and + 750°C and working pressures in excess of 300 Bar. Some typical applications/uses include heating and ventilation, building services, steam, vacuum, chemical, petro-chemical, and applications involving vibrations and misalignment of pipe work or movements.

These hose assemblies consist of a convoluted stainless steel core 321 or 316L and the choice of hydro formed or mechanically formed hose, available as unbraided, or with a single or double stainless steel 304 braided finish, depending on the pressure/temperature involved, offering a resistant and durable solution whilst allowing for a life expectancy in excess of 25 years, dependant on the working conditions involved.

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