Whitehouse Flexible Tubing

Arianna Bio

Agriculture Liquids Food

Transparent hose produced with a special bio-based compound, obtained from natural sources, which production allows to save CO2 emissions. High tenacity polyester reinforcement. Resistant to several chemicals and to weather conditions. Food grade, according to Reg. EU n°10/2011 (classes A,B, C and D1) and to FDA Regulations (CFR 21 Item 176.170). Suitable for passage of milk and dairy products.

Application Fields: Ideal solution for delivery of food liquids, beverages, fruit juices, wine and liquors with up to 50% alcohol concentration as well as milk and dairy products. It is often used for filling machines and dispensers.

  • Temp Range: -10 to +60°C
  • Size Range: 6 – 50mm
  • Material: Bio compound
  • Reinforced: Polyester yarn

Arianna Bio Datasheet

Arianna Bio Food Declaration