Whitehouse Flexible Tubing

Eolo HT 450°C


2 ply, special high temperature silicone coated glass fabric outside, raw glass inside, reinforced with an external galvanized steel “Clamp profile”. Resistant to high temperature peaks up to 550°C. Good axial compressibility 6:1. 

Application Fields: Suction and blowing of smokes, vapours, welding gasses, furnace exhaust, dust and fibres; iron and steel production; heating plants; aerospace and defence industry.

  • Temp Range: -60 to +450°C
  • Size Range: 50 – 900mm
  • Material: Interior raw glass covered in fibreglass fabric with silicone coating
  • Reinforced: Galvanised steel ‘clamp profile’

Eolo Clip 450 degrees Datasheet