Whitehouse Flexible Tubing

Eolo HT 180 Degrees

Grey duct made with flame resistant TPU coated polyester fabric and reinforced by steel helix welded between the two layers. The material is flame retardant V(TM)-0 according to UL 94, grade M1 according NF P 92-503 and in compliance with NF EN 2310, grade FAR25-853-a. Silicon free, it is also free from phthalates and softener. 

Application Fields: Civil and naval conditioning plants, ventilation systems, suction of welding fumes, vapours, powders, gas.

  • Temp Range: -40 to +180°C
  • Size Range: 40 – 505mm
  • Material: Polyester fabric coated with self-extinguishing TPU
  • Reinforced: Steel spiral

Eolo HT 180 Degrees Datasheet