Whitehouse Flexible Tubing

Next 07

Industry Woodworking

Transparent Ester based TPU hose reinforced with a copper coloured TPU-coated spiral, to ensure optimum adhesion to the wall and maximum safety in use. Completely smooth inner surface to optimise the flow of transported media; constant 0,7mm wall thickness for all diameters. Robust yet light and flexible, it is also suitable for heavy duty applications thanks to its abrasion resistance capacity of 20 mm3, 50% more than that of a conventional TPU hose.

Resistant to mineral oils, ageing, atmospherical agents, ozone and to most chemicals.

Next 07 is made by a special TPU that combines different properties which make the wall material permanent antistatic (10Ohm/m) and resistant to UV. Thanks to the excellent quality of compound used, the hose is more resistant to Hydrolysis than a conventional Ester-based TPU hose.

It can be made conductive (10Ohm/m) by grounding the spiral.

Application Fields: Suction of abrasive media in the food and pharmaceutical industries. 

  • Temp Range: -40 to +90°C
  • Size Range: 52 – 203mm
  • Material: Ester based TPU
  • Reinforced: Steel spiral with copper colour TPU

Next 07 Datasheet