Whitehouse Flexible Tubing

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Industry Woodworking

Translucent ester based TPU duct reinforced with a TPU coated high adhesion copper coloured steel spiral. Totally smooth inside to ensure optimization of flow properties. Constant Wall thickness of 1,5 mm through all the diameter range. Strong but light and flexible, it’s suited to heavy duty applications where a very good abrasion resistance is required, thanks to a specially compounded Polyurethane 50% more resistant to abrasion of conventional ester based TPU. Resistant to mineral oils, ageing, atmospherical agents, ozone and to most chemicals. Next 15 is made by a special TPU that combines different properties which make the wall material permanent antistatic (R<109 Ohm/m) and resistant to UV. It can be conductive (R<102 Ohm/m) by grounding the spiral.

Application Fields: Passage of highly abrasive granulates, pellets and chips. For granulate conveying systems in the plastic industry, industrial vacuum cleaners, printing machines.

  • Temp Range: -40 to +90°C
  • Size Range: 40 – 203mm
  • Material: Ester based TPU
  • Reinforced: Steel spiral with copper colour TPU

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