Whitehouse Flexible Tubing

Stayput / Gooseneck Tubing

Constructed from spring steel with a mild ‘D’ section wire, with a chrome plating.

Maximum length: 1 meter

Swaged fittings are available to suit



Constructed from a spring with a mild steel ‘D’ section wire.

The Stayput / Gooseneck tubing is ideal for use when there is a requirement for a positionable element to their operation. They can be used as suds oil hoses on lathes, millers etc. Their use also covers a range of concept designs and special applications i.e. microphone, sat nav and iPod supports.


  • Stayput Coolant Hoses
  • Stayput Lights,
  • Cameras & Microphones,
  • USB Stayput Lights & Fans,
  • Stayput Flexible Arms on Machines.
  • Industrial Endoscopes & Detecting Instruments


  • Positionable Support
  • Mechanical Strength
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Combinations of fittings
  • Available with Heat Shrink PVC /Polyolefin cover


Chrome plated.

4mm pricing is for tube only as fittings are not available in this size