Whitehouse Flexible Tubing

Swivel Conduit Fitting

Two Piece Brass Nickel Plated Adaptors. Galvanised locknuts available separately.

Our fittings are designed to suit all DIN Standard Conduits.

Use the table below to identify your preferred fitting. 


Technical Data

To Fit Tube Size Adaptor Ref Coarse Thread Fine Thread Box Quantity
10mm DF10-MS-PG7 DIN10 PG7 10
12mm DF12-MS-16MM DIN12 16mm 10
16mm DF16-MS-16MM DIN16 16mm 10
16mm DF16-MS-20MM DIN16 20mm 10
20mm DF20-MS-20MM DIN20 20mm 10
25mm DF25-MS-25MM DIN25 25mm 10
32mm DF32-MS-32MM DIN32 32mm 5
40mm DF40-MS-40MM DIN40 40mm 1
50mm DF50-MS-50MM DIN50 50mm 1