Whitehouse Flexible Tubing

Vulcano® 12 ET

Industry Food

Translucent ether-based TPU hose, reinforced with grey colored TPU coated high adhesion steel spiral. The wall material is permanent antistatic (R<109 Ohm/m). Smooth inside to optimize flow properties. Resistant to microbes and hydrolysis. Constant wall thickness of 1,2 mm for the whole diameter range. The hose is odourless and doesn’t change the organoleptical properties of the transferred materials. It can be made conductive (R<102 Ohm/m) by grounding the spiral. Food grade, in accordance with EU 10/2011(classes A, B, C, D1, D2, E) FDA Regulations (title 21 CFR 177.2600, classes D, E, F).

Application Fields: Suction of abrasive media in food processing and pharmaceutical industries; installed on grass cutting machines and street cleaning vehicles.

  • Temp Range: -40 to +90°C
  • Size Range: 25 – 500mm
  • Material: Ether based TPU
  • Reinforced: Steel spiral with grey TPU

Vulcano 12 ET Datasheet

Vulcano 12 ET Food Declaration