Whitehouse Flexible Tubing

Vulcano® AF Plus

Industry Woodworking

Translucent ether based TPU hose reinforced with a copper colored TPU coated steel spiral. It is made by a special TPU that combines different properties which make the wall material permanent antistatic (RR<109 Ohm/m); resistant to microbes and hydrolysis, as well as to UV. The special TPU is flame retardant, in accordance with UL 94-V0; the hose is flame retardant also, according to the German standard DIN 4102-B1. Constant wall thickness of 0,5 mm for the whole diameter range. Light and flexible, it is suitable for applications where a good abrasion resistance is required, especially in the woodworking industry. Compressible (5:1). The hose can be conductive (R<102 Ohm/m) by grounding the spiral.

Application Fields: Suction of wood shavings and sawdust, in sawmills and woodworking plants; small vacuum cleaning and light suction plants. Used as a protection sleeve.

  • Temp Range: -40 to +90°C
  • Size Range: 25 – 406mm
  • Material: Ether based TPU
  • Reinforced: Copper colour TPU coated steel spiral

Vulcano AF Plus Datasheet