New Website

Another significant development has been in the development of our latest company website which for the first time will introduce an e-commerce facility for all standard popular products. 

Since we built our first website in the early po’s we have had several reincarnations as the technology developed and buying behaviours have changed and online purchasing has become more common place.

In the coming months we will be introducing additional features and benefits to further assist our customers and welcome your comments on suggestions.

New Machine to produce Stripwound metallic tubing

As part of our programme for development we have designed and developed a new machine for the manufacture of stripwound flexible metallic tubing. Currently this machine is undergoing final testing and we are producing a limited number os sizes but fully intend to expand the range to cover all popular sizes.

We will be introducing a range of Polygonal Tubing which will enable us to meet the demand for a flexible tube that does not require spot welds on the end and can therefore be processed quickly and efficiently.

In addition this machine will be developed to produce and a Super Heavy Duty Griplock suitable for demanding industrial applications.