Bespoke Metallic Tubing and Hose

We offer Bespoke Metal Tubing / Hose solutions

We deliver bespoke product solutions to our clients by providing full engineering & project management support. Incorporating the proficiency, experience and industry expertise of our technical team.

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Research & Development

Our research and development team alongside our manufacturing capabilities mean we are perfectly placed to provide you with an ideal partner for collaborative product development that helps ensure you deliver your projects to specification, on time and within budget.

We do not have a one size fits all model for our R&D projects and we will discuss with you the best way we can help you design, develop and produce bespoke products:

  • Initial Consultation & Concept Review
  • Prototype Manufacture & Testing
  • Detail Design and Manufacturing Drawings
  • Sign off Manufacturing Specification
  • Delivery & Installation
  • Ongoing Technical Support Agreement

Through research and development work we have designed and manufactured all sorts of custom solutions for a range of increasingly diverse applications.

The work and we have done over the years has led to completion of many successful projects and to facilitate this we are developing new machines and products that provide exciting opportunities for all sorts of applications.

Tapered Metal Hose

We have a unique capability that allows us to manufacture our Griplock hose with different sizes on each end. 
This special feature enables our customers to join different sized connection points without the need for complicated and expensive adaptors.

Speak with our technical sales team to discuss your application and we will help design a bespoke hose to solve your problem.

Conical Collection
Bespoke Tubing




Our standard  of new machines to produce new shapes shapes and contruction types to exploit the vibratory, resonance and acoustic properties of stripwound flexible tubing.

In the application above we can see how by attaching a vibratory unit product to the tube products can be moved along the length of the pipe. If this tube is also heated to any you can create a drying unit which is ideal to dry granular products and other types of organic matter.

Heavy Duty Stripwound Tubing

In line with our own commitment to continuous improvement we are currently developing a new capability for the production of very heavy duty stripwound tubing. Our newest machine build is designed to facilitate the manufacture of ‘Very Heavy Duty Stripwoud Tubing’.

With the ability to manufacture from all sorts of non standard materials we can produce a inexhaustible range of product offerings for our customers.

The characteristics and properties of our traditional stripwound and products as well as the alternative shapes and specialist products we produce present exciting new possibilities for power sharing and other demanding and dynamic applications.

Oli from Whitehouse Flexible Tubing with some Bespoke Tubing