Whitehouse Flexible Tubing

Nettuno PU

Construction Industry Food

Transparent hose made with PVC-P and ether based TPU liner, reinforced with an ivory anti-shock rigid PVC spiral. Completely smooth inside, light and very flexible. Resistant to loads, atmospherical agents and to a wide range of chemicals, as well as to hydrolysis. Food grade hose liner, cover and rigid PVC spiral, making Nettuno PU a total food hose. The antistatic version with copper wire is available upon request. Food grade according to EU Regulation 10/2011 (classes A, B, C, D2). 

Application Fields: Ideal solution for suction and delivery of food powders like flours, light grains, freeze dried foodstuffs. For beverages with alcohol concentration up to 20%.

  • Temp Range: -10 to +60°C
  • Size Range: 25 – 110mm
  • Material: PVC with ether based underlayer
  • Reinforced: PVC spiral

Nettuno PU Datasheet

Nettuno Food Declaration